There was a snippet of radio play the on the BBC Kent Introducing show which you can hear here. It's right at the end.

Dr Moss Ph.D commented to me yesterday that this page comes over as nothing more than an advert for our EPs, and this may have opened some floodgates for my cognitive backwater to squirted all over the page in a vain attempt at mimmicking "character" or "wit" or somesuch. So here you have me being a gobshite and pretending it's a news bulletin. The best I can do in terms of news at the moment is that I have drafted our very own Tom and Matt along with Slap Alice (if that is her real name) and Chris Taylor of Chimpo/Sparrows infamy to play songs under the Balance Lost moniker which is rapidly gaining momentum in my mind these days. On paper it sounds quite exciting, but I'm on a pessimistic streak at the moment which I can hide no longer. Let us pray to E-Wangoo the tea god that this set up will yield results. The potential is great. I bought Souljacker by the Eels today. It's superb but I don't know what I want to write any more.